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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 8, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios good morning. looking live at the san mateo bridge, crossing into foster city. you can see some of the haze making things nice and cool this morning. hope your coffee's piping hot. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist rob mayeda. you say it's going to get progressively cooler? >> yeah. sunday evening cooler than
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today. cooling outside, low clouds coming in. some of the low clouds into pleasanton and dublin this morning, mid-50s outside for the most part. 53 in gilroy. you see wind in fairfield, southwest at 18. we've got the onshore winds going hour by hour, notice even our inland spots today, mostly 70s to some low 80s inland. upper 70s around san jose. and another item to watch. especially heading to the sierra today or areas south of big sur during the afternoon, monsoon moisture. you can see it across southern california. some of that is going to creep our way. cooldown coming up for tomorrow. seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. we begin with decision 2012. the race for the white house will course through the bay area today. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan will make fund-raising stops in danville and in woodside. here's a live look at the danville home where former 49ers
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star brent jones is hosting a breakfast for ryan in the east bay. tickets for that event start at $,000 per person. $10,000 donors get a photo reception with mitt romney's running mate as well. then, later in the day, ryan will head across the bay to woodside for another private fund-raiser. yesterday, he campaigned in nevada. tomorrow he will take a day off the campaign trail to huddle with advisers in oregon preparing for next month's debate with vice president joe biden. meanwhile, gop presidential candidate mitt romney campaigning in high stakes virginia today. yesterday, he took aim at president obama on jobs, casting the president as an inept steward of the nation's post-recession recovery. the president says, romney's economic remedies are failed. president obama is in florida today for a two-day bus tour. new this morning, the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide
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bombing near nato headquarters in afghanistan, a bombing that killed six people. the taliban says the target was a u.s. intelligence facility nearby. the afghan interior ministry says all of the people killed were civilians. the u.s. and italian embassies and afghan presidential palace are located near the blast site. police say the suicide bomber was just 14 years old. meantime, prince harry arrived in afghanistan at start of a four-month tour of duty. the prince will fly apache helicopter missions. this is this second deployment to the country. earlier his deployment was cut short after presence in the country was leaked to the media. a kidnapping at sea is over. two young children allegedly abducted by their own father have been rescued. after a three-day ordeal, brooklyn and devon maffei back with their mother. video of their return at a pier in monterey.
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their father, charisris ma fayen custody, accused of abducting two kids from their home tuesday. maffei loaded the kids on a stolen yacht and sailed out to sea. the coast guard stopped the boat just before it went into international water and rescued the children. >> we asked him if we wanted to provide him with water and a radio so we could -- so we could have a conversation with him, and at that point he said he was willing to help us in any way that he could, and we asked if we could put a boarding team on board and he said that would be fine. >> the coast guard says that the boat is being processed for evidence of a crime. now, the children's grandmother, who chased after the father when he took the children, says she's feeling great relief and extreme joy after finding out that her grandchildren are okay. jean was watching her children on tuesday when she says their father, chris maffei snatched the kids one under each arm, and
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ran off. the mother was reportedly seeking a restraining order against him at the time. 71-year-old grandmother covered with bruises and scrapes but not feeling pain. she's feeling relief. she says she chased after maffei and fell when she grabbed on to his moving car. >> i can't tell you how happy i am, yeah. but i'm one happy grandma now. >> she says she plans on spoiling her grandchildren, covering them with hugs and kisses. a warning from police in one peninsula city to keep your valuables out of your car or at least out of sight. palo alto police report 17 car burglaries wednesday and thursday at stanford shopping center and city garages. in each of the cases a window smashed to access items. thieves made off with computer bags, laptops and electronic equipment. police think the burglaries are
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related. the word spreading quickly but results are still the same. still, no sign of a missing college student from lafayette. he disappear on sunday tubing down the sacramento river. a community's coming together to make sure the search continues. >> reporter: packed by 7:00 friday night. those who came to the small restaurant in lafayette had one thing in mind -- bring bret olson home. >> anything to bring him home. we need our boy to come home. he's a wonderful guy. he's amazing. beautiful family. just need to bring him home. >> reporter: the lafayette knave it and cal poly student missing this week. he spent the day tubing down the sacramento river and last seen 1:00 p.m. sunday when he arrived at beer can beach to float down the river. his parents traveled up north to help search for their son. in an interview this week, it was clear they were not giving
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up hope. >> going to drive him back tonight, still going to drive him back tonight. >> reporter: obviously this isn't -- >> sorry. >> reporter: karen just returned from chico today. >> the chico state students who don't know him are out there organizing searches, putting up flyers, doing whatever they can, and most of them have never met him. >> reporter: word about the missing student is exploding through social media. >> i saw the facebook group, it started off as a mere 10,000 people. i thought it's not going to get bigger. it's almost ten times that. i bet it will be ten times that. >> reporter: right now there are close to 80,000 likes and messages on facebook. the campaign to find him is getting tweets from stars like miley cyrus, howie mandel, selena gomez. at giants/dodgers game, entire segment dedicated to bring brett ol son home. >> he's a fun, nice kid. a really good guy. i'm lucky to be part of this to help him to come home. >> i know he's going to come
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back a-okay. it's a matter of when we're going to find him. >> and that was cheryl hurd reporting. the onlier of the restaurant says every dime raised last night will go to the olson family for the search. if they need another fund-raiser, he's happy to host it. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the speech that stole the show at the republican national convention, clint eastwood breaks his silence about his chat with an empty chair on stage. plus -- the latest on the yosemite hanta virus outbreak. the danger zone at the park could be much wider. okay, what'ya havin?
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good morning. if you are waking up in oakland, this is what you'll see out your window. a little bit of low cloud cover and cooler temperatures, if you're looking at the thermometer. clint eastwood is breaking his silence about the most famous chair in america.
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if you didn't see his speech at the republican national convention, then you probably heard about it and it was a conversation that he had with a pretend president obama in that empty chair. the 82-year-old bay area native talked to his neighborhood newspaper, the carmel pine cone, "today in the bay"'s scott budman has more on what clint had to say. >> reporter: a week later at the democratic convention, clint eastwood's chair was still getting laughs. >> i know it's an empty chair, it makes you nervous, doesn't it? that's all right. i'm going to sit on it. >> what do you mean, shut up? >> reporter: the rambling unscripted appearance at republican convention that went more than twice as long as it was supposed to. it went viral. eastwooding started trending on twitter mit ram romney's aides. >> k acknowledged they didn't know what he was going to say where speakers are timed to the second. eastwood told his hometown newspaper they've had most of the people, but i told them you
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can't do that with me because i don't know what i'm going to say. he said the idea of interviewing an imaginary president obama in an empty chair came at the last moment when a stage hand asked him if he wanted to sit down. inspiration struck as he was walking out on stage telling the paper, when i saw the stool sitting there, it gave me the idea. i'll just put the stool out there and i'll talk to mr. obama and ask him why he didn't keep all of the promises he made to everybody. >> mr. president, how do you -- how do you handle -- how do you handle promises that you've made? >> reporter: a week later people responding to a pew survey cited eastwood's speech the republican convention top highlight beating out mit romney's speech. now his empty chair found a place in pop culture. scott budman, nbc, bay area news. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a traffic warning for drivers on the peninsula. plus, more cases and more
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worries. hantavirus warning at yosemite now spreading. watching some thunder around the sierra, back to the bay area there's a pretty shot looking over san francisco. low clouds back, stronger sea breeze. cooler weekend forecast ahead. a look at that when we come back. excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. i didn't know strawberries where in seasshh'sght now. no no no no no no.. rosco, no, no... ♪ opera love it. (crying) ally, ally oh, same dress yeah, you want to get up off the floor? i do. okay. vo: from the new to the hard-to-find:
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chase freedom is offering 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter. wow, thanks! beep. beep. activate your 5% cash back at good morning to you. looking live at the san mateo bridge. we can see that the sun is starting to come up, squishy clouds in the distance. i can say from personal experience, it's cold this morning, rob. sometimes i want to do the news from home. >> you talked and squishy-looking clouds, low clouds and stratus pushed back in by the sea breeze this morning all the way to the east bay. temperatures cool out there. we've got some low 50s for most places this morning around the north bay.
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48 in navato. 56 in san francisco. and currently 57 in san jose in fairfield, notice the sea breeze into solano county. and it's that sea breeze that will keep temperatures down mostly 70s to low 80s for most of the inland valleys late in the afternoon. and around san francisco, game two coming up this afternoon after 1:00. it will be matt cain taking the mound, giants take on dodgers. 60s, partly cloudy, breezy at times as the game continues to go on. forecast around the rest of the bay area, mile temperatures. a gradual cooling trend as we go through the weekend. tropical clouds to the south. and tomorrow, highs mainly in the upper 70s and mid-70s inland. so stronger cooling for the end of the weekend. right now satellite radar view, quiet around the sierra and in southern california. however, as we switch from this view to our water vapor satellite imagery, which looks at mid level moisture, you can see the retation offshore, upper level low and monsoon moisture
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spill out of southern california, head up the central coast and areas south of gilroy on the coastal range, slight chance of isolated shower. heading into central california, thunder south of lake tahoe later this afternoon. patchy, low clouds through the afternoon. as we head towards even, the fog's going to come back in in full force. we'll see a cooler start to the day tomorrow. probably some areas of mr. drizzle too for sunday morning. bay area, 70s around san jose. south, towards morgan hill, seeing mid-80s through the afternoon. around the east bay, tri-valley, upper 70 and low 8 o. 0s for most temperatures. north bay highs for 70s for saturday afternoon. closer to 80 in napa. three-day forecast, wrapping up the weekend tomorrow, likely the coolest day in the next seven. you can see temperatures start to rebound towards the middle part of the week. overall, pretty good weather. three football games today, cal at noon, san jose state at 5:30, stanford hosting duke at 7:30
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and the important baseball game. weather should be perfect for all but maybe chilly by the evening. >> if anybody's going to the movie, that's bad news. >> too much to do today. >> thank you, rob. don't miss it, a poignant moment will take place in the bay area skies later this month. the space shuttle "endeavour" will make a final flyover in mountain view. "endeavour" mounted atop a boeing 747 as it makes its final trip it in florida to the california science center in l.a. the trip will not be a quick one. take-off will be september 17th and nasa's deliberately flying the shuttle over kienass 15 sites as a tribl ute it those w made contributions to the program. september 20th, "endeavour" will pass over the golden gate bridge and nasa ames on its way to l.a. that would be a great picture. warning about a hanta virus outbreak in yosemite national park is a worldwide alert.
7:19 am
nbc's janet shamlian reports on federal leaders spreading the word to people who visited yosemite this summer from abroad. >> reporter: a ticket to the splendor of yosemite national park comes with a warning. >> information about the hantavirus. >> reporter: amid the best granite cliffs and breathtaking water falls the deadly hantavirus is here. eight confirmed cases in the park, three people have died. because yosemite draws so many tourists from outside the u.s., the world health organization issued a global alert about the rare rodent born-borne vie lrus >> someone told us, you know about the virus? we're going through there in couple of days. >> reporter: the curry village the epicenter. rangers believe mice got into the inner walls of the tent cabins. until now all cases tie tide single location on the valley floor. with a confirmed case in a different part of the park,
7:20 am
there's concern danger zone could be wider. health officials say as many as 29,000 people who visited the park could be at risk. almost triple their assessment of 10,000 just days ago. >> the letter and e-mail we're sending them is a health alert saying that we have had these cases. there's no need for immediate action unless people are exhibiting symptoms. >> reporter: early symptoms of hantavirus mimic the flu -- headaches, fever body ache. the deadly virus cannot be transmitted from one person to another. >> of course i'm concerned. i don't want to get a virus. get that will kill you. >> reporter: he didn't cancel his trip but others have. hard to get reservations a year in advance have become no-shows as caution cancels many vacations. janet shamlian, nbc news, yosemite national park. >> drivers should be aware traffic will be sluggish on the peninsula tonight. you can blame that stanford football game that rob mentioned. as well as little construction. the cardinal is set to host duke
7:21 am
at 7:30. in addition to game traffic, east bay shore road is closed t south of a shutdown needed to crews and relocate an underground pipeline. the road will remain shut down all weekend. more ahead on "today in the bay." >> spending 13 times more on corrections than 30 years ago. >> the real price of prison. the state's money keeps flowing into jails it's schools that are suffering. the new report that we got a look at before it's released. good morning! wow.
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♪ i won't forget you give us your worst, we'll give it our all. >> a 1300% increase, that's how much more money california spends on prisons today, compared to 1980. a new report out this week from a local nonpartisan research group shows that the trend could be hurting millions of students statewide. "today in the bay"'s stephanie
7:24 am
chuang reports. >> reporter: when it comes to spending in the golden state, who gets the most green? our prisons or our schools? >> today, spending about the same. >> reporter: that answer may not be surprising it's the trend over the last 30 year that has alarmed a new nonpartisan, nonprofit. >> spending 13 times more on corrects than 30 years ago. >> reporter: in 1980 the state was spending $592 million on corrections, that skyrocketed to $9.2 billion as of last year. >> education spending has come down so much. >> reporter: numbers that convinced researchers at california common sense the bigger picture their intent on uncovering isn't a pretty one. >> we found faculty salaries decreases 10% since 1990. >> reporter: director of research says uc and scu professors have been slapped with a downward spiral in pay, prison guard pay reached a high in 2006. >> average salary we calculated
7:25 am
$100,000. today it's closer to $75,000. >> reporter: he adds making anywhere to 50% to 90% above market rate compared to the rest of the country. >> california has a high cost of living. >> reporter: ryan sherman from the california corrects peace officer association which represents prison guards. >> kind of stuck out of the general fund unlike higher ed and other agencies that have special funds. >> reporter: but he warns if the trend doesn't reverse, there could be major brain drain out of california. >> they're behind the market rates. if you can't pay your faculty as much as the other university, eventually they'll go there. >> reporter: san jose state professor jonathan roth couldn't agree more. >> education's labor-intensive. i've taught at ivy league schools, students are bet, it's more interesting, right? conditions is better. pay is higher. but it doesn't make as much of a difference. >> reporter: roth say his wanted to make a difference here but as more classes are cut. >> a student in tears.
7:26 am
we've lost, over the last two years, half of our lecture sections, half. >> reporter: students are forced to stay long. >> lose motivation, get frustrated, leave. they lose their dreams. and we're often forgotten. >> reporter: morale at sjsu is at an all-time low among professors. >> the problem here is, is that professors are making less than plumbers, less than air-conditioning repairmen, less than corrections officers. not that those jobs aren't important. but you know i'm a much more difficult person to replace. >> good morning. >> reporter: governor jerry brown in office when the state spent five times more on higher ed than prisons. we caught up with him at a rally for prop 30, which would increase sales in income taxes and fund higher education. brown pinned the blame of skyrocketing spending on corrections on the prison building boom. >> what happened is, in the intervening years, 23 prisons were built and instead of getting 3% of the general fund, it went as high as 11%. >> reporter: now, that's on its
7:27 am
way down. >> we're reversing that. prisons are going to get only 7.5%. and that's a real reduction in our prison system. >> reporter: for california common sense, the point is that may not be enough. for example, the prison guard union is set to start salary increases again starting next year. >> in 1020 years everything from the higher education funding, right, are we going to have enough college prepared students ten years down the line? >> ultimately it's up to the people of california. what kind of state do they want in the future? >> that was stephanie chuang reporting. you can access the report going to our website, and search california common sense. still ahead on "today in the bay" -- a fighting fan violence. changes coming to california stadiums meant to make your trip to the ballpark safer. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
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good morning to you. live at the bay bridge toll plaza. such a relief to see it this way versus mike inouye sees it during the week. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist rob mayeda. we did see the gray clouds there in the distance and it's a chilly start. >> it is. it's a cool day. good day for doing yard work outside. >> i'm mulching later. >> got your sleeves rolled up. >> during my breakfast break. >> give her a call, she'll help you with yard work this afternoon. temperatures, 40 and 50s. you saw low clouds around the bay bridge toll plaza. a h healthy see breeze. highs cooler than yesterday. 80s inland but most inner bay including san jose 60s to mid 70s today. tomorrow, by the way, looks
7:31 am
cooler. we could be waking up to area of drizzle. talk more about the weekend cooldown in the full forecast coming your way in a few minutes. >> about the yard work, you get what you pay for? >> you look ready to go. >> thanks. >> decision 2012. who are you having breakfast with? some folks paid $1,000 plus to have breakfast with republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan in danville. he will make fund-raising stops in danville at this home where former 49ers star brent jones is hoping a breakfast for ryan. tickets for that event start at $1,000 per person. $10,000 will get the donor a photo with mitt romney's running mate. breakfast served in 45 minutes. later in the day ryan will head to another fund-raiser, that one in woodside. tomorrow, wry will take a day off the campaign trail to huddle with advisers in oregon who are preparing for next month's debate with vice president joe biden. mean while, it is debate day
7:32 am
for two south bay candidates. democrats are challenging for the 15th senate district seat which represents most of san jose's surrounding suburbs around campbell and los gados. coto represented san jose three times in the assembly, then was a superintendent of the east side union high school district. bell is a current assemblyman who was a former san jose council member. the debate will be at the atria willow glen, 2:00. two children kidnapped by their father who fled with them on a yacht are, once again, safe at home this morning. brooklynn and devin maffei rescueed, now with their mother after three days on the water with they're father. this is video of their return at a pier in monterrey. their father is in custody arc excused of abducting the two kids from their south san francisco home. their grandmother was baby-sitting at the time while their mother reportedly was seeking a restraining order
7:33 am
against the children's father. on tuesday, maffei loaded kids on a stolen yacht. the coast guards stopped the boat before it entered international waters and rescued the children. >> he turned south which changed everything for us. coast guard stepped up, responded out to sea where they made a rescue. >> the coast guard says the boat is in the process of being searched for evidence of any crime that happened, possibly happened. the children's grandmother is a little banged up after falling while chasing maffei as he drove off with the children. she tells nbc bay area news she's relieved and ready to spoil her grandkids. a follow-up story we brought you this week. the search is over for a woman who vanished from santana row in san jose a month ago. the 35-year-old found safe. her family called police when she did not show up for work on august 10th. the detectives found her bag
7:34 am
with her cell phone and her wallet in it at a store on santa na row. her car was also found in a parking lot there. so where she turned up, we don't know. police are not telling us how or where she was found but they do tell us that she is okay. and we are learning new details about the bizarre circumstances surrounding the deaths of two san jose men whose bod y-found buried in shallow graves in indianapolis. police there used dental records to identify the bodies of the two. both had been reported missing in san jose. their bodies were found august 22nd, after people searching for a dog discovered a shallow grave. both men suffered head injuries. investigators say a large amount of cash was found near the bodies. he is changing his plea. the concord teenager accused of running down and killing a father and his 9-year-old daughter is now expected to plead guilty. last month the teen average pleaded not guilty to vehicular
7:35 am
manslaughter charges. police say he was speeding along treat boulevard in concord the morning of april 7th when he fatally struck a father and his daughter as they rode their bicycles. a second daughter was also hit but survived. a victory in the fight against fan violence now. governor brown signed a bill meant to make your trip to the ballpark a little safer. the bill requires security phone numbers be posted in parking lots and in the stands. right now, fans have to call 911 to report any problems bypassing the stadium's own security workers who can actually get there faster. the legislation followed several high-profile incidents at various sporting events. last year's raiders/49ers game, there were two shootings, a beating in a bathroom and several fights up in the stands. if you see smoke, noise, rumblings coming from the shell refinery in martinez this weekend, no need to be alarmed. cruise are doing routine maintenance work on refineries
7:36 am
flares this weekend near the pacheko boulevard. it can cause some noise and rumbling at times. more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, a recall expands for a popular bay area candy. plus, looking for a fall getaway? a list of the destinations with cheapest fares. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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this morning a consumer warning about a popular candy is exspanni expanding. last month it recalled red licori licorice. now the department of public health is expanding the recall to include all of the company's black licorice products. people are being told not to eat the company's snaps products,
7:39 am
jumbo black licorice hanging bag, both sizes of the black licorice laydown bags and the family mix. we are still four days away from seeing it, but rumors are already flying about apple's next iphone. "wall street journal" reports next iphone will likely come with fourth generation wireless technology and if that's true, performance will be faster than previous generation of the iconic phone. as is their policy, apple had no official comment as they build suspense for next wednesday's big announcement. of course, our tech guys will be there. if you get pulled over that new iphone could come in handy. governor brown signed a bill that lets drivers use their smartphones to show an officer electronic proof of their car insurance. the new law clarifies state's vehicle code. currently it does not mention leelectronic devices. planning a fall vacation, there are some cities where you can get a deal. fair compare listed the top
7:40 am
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good saturday morning to you. let's take you out to san francisco. that's a pretty picture. you've got a canopy of low clouds over downtown. a few sunny breaks out there towards golden gate bridge and marin side of the bay, sunshine but it's a sea breeze and the
7:43 am
low clouds that's going to bring cooling through the weekend especially tomorrow, marine layer will thicken up and wake up to misty skies for sunday morning. outside this morning, you need a light jacket. we have 50s and even 40s earlier around the north bay. now 57 in san jose. 56 san francisco. and 57 degrees in oakland. notice the winds. pretty good breeze reaching into fair feel. not too strong in livermore now. but we will see winds picking up as we head into the afternoon. so some of our weather headlines today, stpz temperatures coming down. upper 70s to low 80's out of southern california later this afternoon and the weekend will wrap up with cooler temperatures on sunday. right now, the satellite view doesn't show a lot. you don't see thunderstorms in the sierra. and you can't see the upper low which is sitting offshore. as we switch from this view on the infrared, one that looks at mid level moisture. the water vapor loop, off the coast and moisture spilling out
7:44 am
of southern california. the bay area kind of in between the two. some of the clouds coming up during afternoon. but the chances of showers today likely staying on the central coast into southern california. so we've got low clouds on the coast through the morning and as we head through the afternoon you see low clouds and high clouds across the east bay and san jose. those will be the mid level tropical clouds coming up out of the south later on today. temperaturewise, bringing temperatures down, sea breeze picks up. 9:00, 50s, 60s. lunchtime mid-70s. notice towards 3:00, still seeing low to mid-80s out there. towards livermore. so it's pleasanton, danville warmer temperatures today. sunol included too. notice san jose, santa clara upper 70s. mid-80s morgan hill. evening, the sea breeze picking up. look how things are cooling off. 60s around 7:00 livermore. today, mild day, 70s and 80s
7:45 am
inland. tropical clouds, areas south of san jose and livermore, some of that coming up. stronger sea breeze tomorrow morning, which means morning mist. inland, 60s and 70s. and then a taste of high pressure coming back which will bring our temperatures back up if you like something closer to 90s in the forecast. you'll find that as we head towards wednesday and thursday. so, if you're lucky enough to head out to the ballpark, giants and dodgers, game two 1:00 start time. it's going to be cool and breezy. matt cain heading to the mound there. should be a nice day out at ballpark and hopefully seeing results as we had last night thanks to mark scutaro. >> thank you, rob. a u.s. are olympic gold medalist teaching local kids how to swim. olympic swimmer colin jones will make a splash in san jose today not just for fun. after almost drowning as a child, jones wants kids to be safe. so now he is teaming up with the make a splash foundation to
7:46 am
teach millions of kids how to swim. the free swim lessons kick off at 9:00 at fair swim center in san jose. the bay area's wine industry is a popular stopover for tourists. visitors tour wineries from sonoma, napa, livermore valley. how one livermore winemaker is offering a different kind of ride of the wine making experience. >> reporter: livermore's wine industry draws plenty of wine lovers, tasting, touring, getting up close to working vineyards. but john done think a vineyard should be just seen. it should be ridden. >> i've discovered that people are interested in the way wine grapes are grown and i was getting asked by friends if they could come by, take a look at vineyard. >> reporter: he owns livermore's tri-valley vineyards figured visitors would get a better view if they had some wheels. >> in order to make the vineyard
7:47 am
more accessible to people i came up with the idea of doing the tour on electric motor scooter. >> reporter: he sells tourism in his vineyards where guests get in touch with their inner easy ride. >> we wanted to offer a different kind of experience where people could go and actually see where the wine grapes are grown and go into the vineyard, see how a vineyard is constructed and how we farm. >> reporter: after a short safety check, visitors get a behind the scenes ride through the vineyard life. >> we pump the water up to a secondary pump which is located where we began the tour. >> reporter: there's tasting of everything from chardonnay, but the wine tasting happens after the tour. >> we do it in the opposite way. first we tour, then we drink. and we also wouldn't allow anybody to ride if they appeared to be a little bit tipsy. >> reporter: so far, the scooter tours are popular with folks anxious to steer clear of the beaten path. >> yeah, you have to see
7:48 am
different type vf vineyaof vine different grapes, how the wine and the note taste like. >> reporter: he hopes to offer another view of his vineyards. >> we're currently looking into the idea of installing zip lines in the vineyard so that we can conduct aerial tours over the vineyard. >> reporter: a good chance someday soon you'll see visitors rollinpast vineyards or flying over them. the idea of walking will seem just so passe. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> it's good to hear the tasting happens after the tour. more ahead on "today in the bay"er. she sparks passion about horses to amateurs. we'll meet the california woman who has dedicated her life to training horses and helping young girls learn to ride them. but first, mike inouye has a look at the weekend calendar. >> good morning. i'm mike inouye. there's lots to do "today in the bay." the 8th day of september but
7:49 am
first day of the 12th night. what? yeah, the current shakespeare santa cruz mate it to saratoga for three weekend performance of shakespeare's "12th night." scoops ice cream will be there. you can lunch before the 2:00 today or dinner before 7:30 tonight into a classic feast in a classic setting. the 7th annual castro valley classic car show goes on today at castro valley bar station celebrating classics, custom hot rods and trucks, two-seater gas eaters and a fuel-saving mass transit hub. food, live entertainment, giveaways and the best in show cars featured on next year's t-shirt. yeah. from east bay muscle cars to the city. for some far east muscle men. free for all. san francisco, japantown holes a
7:50 am
sumo wrestling and expo. video from they are two of the sumo who can be seen there. i guarantee you'll be floored when you see how agile 300 to 400 pound athletes are. in fact the third sumo scheduled to appear is kelly, 430 pounds, three-time u.s. sumo champ, and the guinness world record holder as heaviest human ever to run a marathon. a marathon! that's 26 miles. the weekend, that's just two days. so go out and make the most of it "today in the bay." good morning! wow.
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want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol.
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and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. i'llbut not just cheese - burgmac and cheesy... then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's. good morning. live at some of the folks who are showing up this morning to have breakfast with vice presidential candidate paul ryan in danville. it's the home of a former 49ers player who is helping to fundraise for the effort. and now a story about a
7:53 am
remarkable young woman whose passion in life is the horses that she cares for and the young ladies who show up to ride them. the girls learn to ride on gabby wagner's family ranch in west roseville but students walk away knowing so much more than just riding. steve fields shows us what it means to love and care for these magnificent animals and feisty riders all through gabby's eyes. >> let him putter around like that to get started. i was born out here. my mom runs the barn. i am the training managerer. i've always known that i was born to be out here at gold country. this place is truly magical. everybody that comes here has a magical feeling and it sounds weird but they think it's in the water. so they bring their water from town, fill their water bottles up, in hopes to get some of gold country in their everyday life when not at the ranch.
7:54 am
they start here and then they never leave. we have generations literally of families riding here. they start as children, go graduate high school, go off to college, have families of their own, they come back with their babies, babies start riding, it's a totally family-friendly place. the great thing about kids being with horses and learning how to ride is that they do get a lot of responsibility. when they love a horse, they want the responsibility. they want to take care of them. it's like almost like they're your sole mates. from a kid's standpoint it's uncondition. love from their best friend. you would rather have your 16-year-old girl out at barn on friday night kissing her horse than out where you don't know where she is kissing a boy. there you go. almost there. when you think of horses you wouldn't think it's a team sport but it is. it's a two-team sport. you can't even make a 1200 pound animal do something.
7:55 am
you almost have to will them and they, your partner, have to want to work for you. you can't kick a horse and make them go. if they don't want to go, they are not going. it's really nice for kids to feel like they're part of a team and a team where it's just them and one other person who would do anything for them. i am so proud, every day i feel like i'm the luckiest person in the world every day. i am so grateful for my life. i'm going to cry. very lucky. bring your water bottles. >> lucky girls she helps to train. much more ahead on "today in the bay." including a garden that has become a big draw for hummingbirds and tourists. we'll show you where to see it in person.
7:56 am
7:57 am
a backyard in colombia has
7:58 am
become a wonderland for bird lovers. it all started with a single humming bird feeder and now it's been dubbed the enchanted garden. bird watches are and nature photograph have come to see hummingbirds as they flock to the garden. the owner says 24 of the 147 species of hummingbirds in colombia can be observed there. wonder if they have that ruby throated california hummingbird, rob. i didn't see it. >> looks like they're having a good party there. all them at one place. >> thanks for making us a part of your morning. more local news tonight at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00. of course, anytime news breaks on leave you with live pictures of danville where republican vice presidential running make paul ryan making a fund-raising stomach thstop this morning. hosting breakfast at his nome 15 minutes. $1,000 a plate, $10,000 for a plate and picture. that price, i hope they have
7:59 am
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